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About Alexandra



Alexandra D. Foster, an American holding dual citizenship with Italy, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and now splits her time between Boston and London.

Educated in Boston, London, Rome, Padova, and Trieste, Alexandra’s voracious appetite for travel, new cultures, and the jet set lifestyle continues to inspire her today.

She began her career working for the Italian Trade Commission in New York City and then pursued her interest in fashion at Bloomingdale’s where she headed up their women’s couture department. Following that, she spent over five years at Puma International in Boston, where she travelled the world scouting the latest trends and creating new ranges of lifestyle footwear.

In 2011, Alexandra began authoring Destinations Perfected, a highly successful food, travel and lifestyle blog with a dedicated readership.

Longing to switch gears and tap into her love for interior design, Alexandra was then headhunted to London where she successfully launched a brand new range of furnishing fabrics for the quintessential British brand Liberty.

In 2013, Alexandra decided to harness her entrepreneurial spirit and the inspiration accrued from decades of traveling to launch her own pillow line.

Driven by the belief that everyone should be surrounded by beauty on a daily basis, Alexandra’s dream is to dress the most glamorous interiors in the world with her stunning creations.