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About the Brand

Alexandra D. Foster believes that luxury, quality and style are paramount. To this end, each of her pillows are printed and hand sewn at one of the most highly regarded mills (used by the world's top luxury goods brands) in northern Italy’s beautiful town of Lake Como. Even the braided trim is crafted completely by hand and sourced from passementerie artisans in Bologna, Italy.

Motifs and designs are individually and thoughtfully chosen by Alexandra, all of which are directly inspired by her world travels.

Selected either for their intricate pattern details and the complexity of their color combinations, or their classic geometric elegance, the designs underscore Alexandra’s belief that luxury begins at home.


We wholeheartedly believe that it is imperative for every brand to co-exist in harmony with the environment. Therefore, the factory we work with has won various awards throughout Europe for meeting and exceeding the highest standards of eco-friendly innovation and environmental performance.

From purification systems to reduce nitrogen in waste water, to the management and disposal of natural dyes, to solar paneling in order to save and optimize the consumption of energy sources throughout the factory, every single facet of the production process is carried out using the most sustainable practices currently available today.